I am mother to my all grown up daughter and my itsy bitsy pooch called Charlie.

Coaching/mentoring has been my passion for the last 5 years as it's where I feel alive , I grow, evolve and dance with this life . Prior to coaching I had been practising as a counsellor/Psychotherapist for over 10 years .

No one can avoid the turbulence , challenges that life throws at us ,as it's part of being human and being alive.
My journey of seeking answers for peace, contentment, fulfillment and happiness started over three decades ago from a profound place of sadness , dissatisfaction and hopelessness , even though I was financially very successful and had all the trappings of those material things I thought lead to happiness .

I was coping, functioning and existing but not flourishing . My quest for perfection, my conflicted relationships had left me feeling drained and exhausted physically, emotionally and finally financially too. My life was a roller coaster of extreme highs and lows and I was sure that there was something missing , that I needed fixing and that someone else out there had all the answers to my inner turmoil. Having had traditional therapy and coaching myself which all made me feel good for a while , I was always back to square one when life threw another new challenge at me .

I then set out to learn and gather more information and invested thousands in learning more of the latest therapeutic and coaching modalities, new techniques, strategies , attending seminars , workshops and reading every book I could on self development .

It wasn't till 3 years ago whilst I had been exploring how the MIND works, knowing the truth of who we really are that I had A PROFOUND NEW INSIGHT as I came across THE PRINCIPLES behind how we experience life .
This new understanding of how I had been operating in my life changed my life, work and relationships in the best possible way. I discovered that I didn't need fixing , there was nothing missing in me and that everything I wanted in life wasn't just within me, it WAS me.

I am now aware that true sustainable transformation in all aspects of life comes from increasing our understanding of "THE STATE OF OUR MIND" , inquiring about ourselves and what determines our state of mind.
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I work with private and Corporate clients globally . Working either Face-to-Face , over the telephone or on SKYPE/Zoom and offer Bespoke coaching programmes.